What does a good web text consist of?




Texts written specifically for websites are different from 'ordinary' texts. They contain: seo, keywords or key words and ensure your internet marketing is up to date.

Why is making no or few spelling mistakes so important?This sounds like an open door kicking but the internet is full of spelling mistakes, verbs written wrong, word order incorrect, or just words written wrong. If texts contain too many mistakes, readers no longer take that website seriously. The professionalism disappears with spelling mistakes because it looks so clumsy.

We are not language error correctors to the bone but we do like a text that contains as few errors as possible. Do you find it difficult to write texts for your website yourself? Don't worry, we will write them for you.

Check out this post from Instagram.

The text in this post is full of errors but you could see that. Also, the language is not that great. Why not? It is okay to address your visitor or reader in your texts because we do too. It's also okay to use light colloquial language if the audience you are writing for needs it. For example, if your target audience consists only of teenagers, adapt your language accordingly. Write for your audience!

There is also too much text. If you want to write a short, catchy text for Instagram don't use too many words. That way, it loses power and people will scroll on much faster.

This post is just too much of the 'wrong' thing. Readers will get annoyed by this and so you lose visitors and ultimately...money.

Why is this message better? The writer uses light colloquial language but does not write mistakes. This way, she appeals to her target audience better! You can also immediately see what her post is about and Google likes that.

The text is shorter and therefore quicker to read.

The design and colours are appropriate, making the whole thing clear at a glance.

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