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What are keywords?

Search words or keywords, in English, are words you type into the search bar of a search engine to look for something on the internet. Most commonly used search engine is still Google.

Short tail keywords: short words you type in.

For example: new shoes, mortgage comparison, buying flowers or water...

Long tail keywords: longer string of words or phrases you type into the search bar.

For example: Buying new shoes, best mortgage right now, buying cheap flowers online or buying water in plastic bottles.

Nowadays, Google likes Long tail keywords more than Short tail but the famous search engine does change its mind sometimes, so... .

Do you see the difference between the two?

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Why are they so important?

Because they play a very important role in visibility on Google or any other search engine. Google 'reads' the pages on your website. As soon as someone types something into the search bar, Google scans all the websites related to the topic and picks out the best ones.

So what is the best website?

That is the website with the right keywords in the right place. A website that informs well with text, images and videos, has good navigation and loads quickly. Can you tick off all those boxes? Then you are guaranteed to score high in Google!

Many pay for it through ads. But you can do it for free. A work of long standing but it is possible!

Keywords or keywords:

  • Google, Bing, Ecosia or other search engines can read your website properly this way.
  • They are the basis of your content marketing.
  • If you use the right keywords, Google likes you! YAY!