Content Marketing


What is content marketing?



Content stands for content, the words you use to tell a story. All the information on your website belongs to content, including your photos and videos.

Marketing around your story ensures that your website visitor becomes a paying customer. That is the goal. How? By combining good content with search results and social media.

For example: Offer your website visitors something in exchange for their email address. Here are a few suggestions.

What does content marketing consist of?

  • Blogging: Is on the number one spot!
  • E-book: If you can write it, do it! Or you let us do it 😉.
  • Webinar: Get enough followers on social media and give a free webinar where you give valuable information.
  • Storytelling: Tell your story from the heart. Difficult? We'll do it for you.
  • Infographic: Create a clear infographic so your visitor can see what you mean at a glance.
  • Photos: Use atmospheric photos. You can find them on free photo databases. Or you can make them yourself.
  • Video: You can also make a lot of content clear with an animated video.
  • Quiz: Put a quiz question on your homepage for visitors to solve.
  • Newsletter: Make sure it contains information that is useful to your visitor.



Free content marketing tips:

  1. Write from within yourself. Make sure you authentic are and stay! Or you let us write it for you.
  2. Do to keyword research. Use the found words in moderation and put them in the right place.
  3. Choose something from the list that you feel good about and give this free to your visitor. This way, a visitor can become a potential customer.
  4. Measure your commitment, your time and hard work by analyse who your visitor is, what strategy works ( e.g. keeping a blog) and how to interpret all that data. How? Google Analytics you can use for this.
  5. Put your social media in. Share your website, ask friends to like, give something away for free, write a story about what you do and get everyone you know to share your content as much as possible.



Content marketing

Your story is there.
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