seo boeken glas voeten


What does seo mean?

Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. An expensive English word for ranking higher in Google, search engine optimisation in Dutch. A search engine is, for example: Google, Bing or Ecosia.

Seo is actually a collective term for techniques you apply to make a website visible in Google. When someone types a search query into Google, a good seo strategy should make sure you are as high at the top as possible. After all, the more visitors you get, the higher your turnover will eventually be when these visitors become customers.

On the first page of Google, you will first find the paid ads, Sea, Search Engine Advertising.

Example: You are looking for a mortgage. You type in your search query and the first thing you see are the paid ads. The companies that advertise here pay money to be on the first page.


Only below that will you find the websites that rank at the top of Google without paying for it. This is where seo starts. This is where you ultimately want to be, free.




seo wat is seo?

Now for the good news: It's free! Yes, right, seo is free. You can do it yourself. You have to be willing to do it and invest a lot of time in it, that's the hard truth.

Seo is a work of long breath. It is not that if you apply the techniques neatly, you will automatically end up on the first page. It takes time, a lot of time but it pays off. Thus, your texts have an important part to play in your seo. Let it be a coincidence that we are pretty good at writing texts for websites....

Why are we not on the first page of Google? Because we are not paying for it. Our website is also not yet old enough to score those extra points with Google. But you found us so we are doing something right after all! 😊

Everyone wants to appear on that first page. Is that possible? Yes, but you have to be patient. Google wants your keywords to be good, to be in the right place, to be texts be good, that you have backlinks, that you are an authority in your field and so on. So even if you tap every box Google has listed, you won't be on the first page because that's where the websites that pay for it are first. It is only when your website has been around for a while that Google believes you are worth ranking higher. This may take some time. Unfortunately, this is the hard truth.

But it will come! With patience and love for your business, you will succeed in ranking higher in Google!


We write for you

Because sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees, we write your website texts.


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Since you can put your own words on paper, we will help you with the seo of your texts.