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You want to rank higher in Google and so do I!

I want to help you.

But who am I? About Me...

I am Femke Vanhoutte, somewhere in my forties, two daughters, one dog, one husband. Dutch/English teacher, 'language crazy', speak five, allergic to Spanish mosquitoes and cucumber. Really.

The Spotlight Agency I founded it because there was a lot of demand from entrepreneurs to become more visible on Google. You've built or commissioned a beautiful website and you've really put a lot of time into it. You came up with and rethought ideas. You searched for good images and nice texts to put on your site. After months of preparation, you finally hit 'publish' and there you go!

Because you put so much time into your business
invest, I invest in you!

 I'm Femke and I love language.
Over Mij

"Welcome to the Flemish course!"

About Me: As a Belgian teacher, I teach three days of Dutch at a Dutch school. Yes! I too see the humour in it. "Welcome to the Flemish course," is the first thing I say when I walk into the classroom. A lot of shocked faces look at me as if I am on fire. I say my name and walk to the blackboard. With black marker, I write my name in big letters on the white board. I explain what I expect from them this school year and ask them what they expect from me. Some students wake up from shock mode and jab at each other, with whispers increasing. Life as a Belgian Dutch teacher in the Netherlands is simply fascinating.

I like teaching But not only of that. Writing is my passion. Helping entrepreneurs grow by explaining how they themselves can grow their business is also one. Why? You get an awful lot in return.

Wanting to do my own marketing, I decided to take courses. First seo, I thought. That's the source for getting visible in Google. Never thought I would find that so fascinating. Next course became: content marketing. I was fascinated and wanted to know as much as possible about the subject.

"Hey, I saw that you were studying internet marketing, could you help me with my site?" I was willing to try that. Together with Debbie from the-lift, I started applying the things I had learned to her website. I looked for keywords, started adjusting titles, meta descriptions writing, apply on-page seo to help her become visible in Google.



"Femke, look! You can find me in Google!"




I got jitters in my stomach because she was so happy. Hey, I can do something with this. I continued my studies. It turned into a lot of courses on internet marketing, Instagram, social media, Google analytics and so on. You just have those crazy people who like to study...Yes, guilty as charged.

So I started helping more and more people with Search Engine Optimisation, seo that is. I gave advice to Uw Tuin en Dier in Hoogstraten, a large company that operates both a shop and a web shop, and I wrote texts for companies and start-ups such as Debbie from the-lift, personal training. For Expertmedia , a web design and branding company in Ghent, I wrote blogs and adapted the existing texts to make them completely seo-friendly.

Meanwhile, I am 100+ satisfied customers down the road and oh boy, I am enjoying. I should have done this much earlier.

Do you know that feeling?

Besides seo web writing, I have also started a cool programme in the form of online training. You as an entrepreneur can now learn it yourself. I pass on my knowledge. Do you like to learn by yourself and choose your modules? You can! Would you rather enter a complete coaching programme where I teach you everything personally? That's also possible!

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Let me help you grow as an entrepreneur.





I get incredibly excited by people with a vision they 100% believe in. I can enjoy someone talking about their passion. People who are willing and able to do something for someone else are very dear to my heart. That is why I realised very well that this new path I want to take was so right for me. SEO and internet marketing are cold, they are algorithms and tricks. I truly believe in the magic of infusing them with warm texts so that the cold tricks I apply do work in combination with the passion and will to grow you as an entrepreneur.