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Do you find it difficult to find an inspired text to write for your website? Don't want to think about seo? Or having to research the right keywords or keywords?Nice website? Top! Will that website also be found in Google? Get in touch and we'll look at the possibilities together. Seo copywriter needed? Call us.

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In this inspiration session, we will take you into the limitless world of artificial intelligence. What tools are there? What can you do with them? How do I use them for business process efficiency, and in what ways is AI cost-saving? AI for entrepreneurs. You will learn it all in this inspiration session. Get in touch to book a session.

 What tools are there? Artificial Intelligence



ChatGPT & AI training for businesses. Specifically in the fields of HR, customer service, finance, marketing, sales and receivables management. Learn how to use ChatGPT to save time and costs. The possibilities are limitless. Contact us and discover efficiency in any business process. Jump on the bandwagon of AI.

AI for efficiency in business processes

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What does a seo copywriter do?

Offering a combination of seo with texts and content marketing.

I'm Femke. I have The Spotlight Agency founded because there is a lot of demand from entrepreneurs to help them become more visible in Google.

A well-visited website consists of three main things:

Do you also want to be visible online? Or become a seo copywriter?

A lot of companies offer copywriting ( copywriting), seo and content marketing separately. And they are often very good at it too. But I combine all three!

Combined, they ensure your online visibility!  

Seo & copy training for businesses

Seo training for businesses

This course will give your business a big boost. Why? Because it will make your business visible online by applying seo, make your ambitious copy can write resulting in more visibility. We will teach you everything you need to know as a seo copywriter.

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