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Your website is your business card, your shop that you have opened its doors wide.

You are ready to receive customers. But where do they stay?

Did you know that a visitor in eight seconds decide whether he or she will stick around on your website? In those eight seconds, your message needs to be clear. In those same eight seconds, that potential customer needs to know exactly what product or service you offer. If it is not clear, you have lost that visitor as a customer.

You don't want that.




Because we have all the texts seo-friendly writing and ensuring that you become visible in Google, you will get more visitors to your website who could eventually become customers.

We keep an eye on Google trends and novelties so that we can adequately write your texts every time.

Why are texts and copywriters so important? Because everyone searching for something types words into the search bar of any search engine. Those words, whether short tail or long tail, determine which page of your website is displayed by Google.

We can write all the texts for you or teach you how to do it yourself.


Seo writing for websites increases online visibility.




The Spotlight Agency.be delivers what it promises!



Ruth Vanhoutte, ceo studioafterglow

Femke helped us a lot. She writes her lyrics smoothly and authentically.


Kim Laurijssen, ceo Your Garden and Animal

Within the month, I received all the texts as I requested.



Rolf Wirken

Seo Writing:

keyword research

We research the most used words in Google for your niche.

short tail and long tail
We write the most with long tail searches because they are the most requested.
We write from your experience, your business and set your story through storytelling.


We keep your texts warm and authentic. Google is cold but we are not. Together, we are one team.

My service consists of:



Besides this service, you also get years of experience in Dutch AND English. Since I write in both languages, you are assured of professionalism, should you desire it.

So are you universally!

You can email us, call us, whatsap us and if you must, send a puff of smoke and we will probably respond too.

What do well-written texts get you?