Seo & Copywriting training

Seo & copywriting training

What if:

You can learn how seo works yourself?

You can apply seo for your business?

Rank higher in Google?

Learn to write texts that search engines can read?

Learning to use technical tools to save time and money?

Learning to use, plan and automate social media?

Get more paying customers through your website and Google?

Creating online visibility for your business?

You will learn everything in a short time and then 100% yourself?

We got your back!

But then you might think:

So much can be done online, which is best for me?

I can already write quite a word but how do I optimise it?

So what exactly do I need to do to be visible online?

So how do I stand out among all these other entrepreneurs online?

There are already so many courses and training.

Where can I find complete Online Training?

The seo & copywriting course is for you if you...

Are an enthusiastic entrepreneur eager to learn seo & copywriting yourself. 

Social media wants to automate.

Want to learn to use technical tools for profit in time and cents.

You want to save big time by having the knowledge yourself.  

You want to save money by not having to outsource it all.

This course will give your business a big boost. Why? Because it will make your business visible online, boost your ambitious copy can write and thus will attract more paying customers.



Highly recommended if you...

Done WITH You

1-on-1 coaching seo & copywriting

In this VIP track, we work together intensively and efficiently. We teach you all about on page seo, social media, copy and technology so that your website and social media rank higher in Google.

In digital meetings, we go step by step. We take the time for you and explain the complete training so that you get more results and thus more customers.
All this 100% tailored to your business.

We put you together 100%

In The Spotlight!


Done BY You

Complete online training

The online courses will explain everything you need to know about seo & copywriting. 

You can follow the modules at your own pace with everything clearly explained in the workbooks. 

We also have a cool Facebook group where you can ask your questions. This fun community will help you!

Strong together! Put Yourself In The Spotlight!

We put you together 100%

In The Spotlight!


Our STAR Method

Done for you (1)

Training seo & copywriting:

Seo & Social Media

You will learn what on page seo is, how to apply it in web copy and how Google can read your copy. Seo consists of 3 pillars and all three are important for the visibility of your website.  

In addition to seo you will also learn how to peek at your neighbours, competition research that is. Afraid of competition? No need, we'll teach you how to rank higher. 

Keywords are very important when writing texts for websites and social media. How to find them, where to place those keywords in texts and how to interpret them, we teach you from A to Z.

Meta descriptions, or text accompanying search results, ensure the right website visitors. Keywords in images help with this. 


Learn about how to deploy tools that will save you a lot of time in, for example, scheduling and creating social media posts.

Jana will teach you all about the technology needed to work efficiently and time-savingly for your website & business. She will teach you to work with Canva, get your social media on point and learn all the ins & outs on how to do it yourself. 

Want to outsource it later? Perfect! Then learn it yourself first, then you can look for the right person to take over from you after that. 

Why? If you can do something yourself first, it is easier to outsource it precisely because you have that knowledge.

Ambitious Copy

Write your own web copy, social media posts, blogs, white papers, cheat sheets and all the other 'expensive' words to put something online. 

Femke is a purebred seo copywiter and teaches you how to incorporate keywords into your texts that will make them rank in Google

Writing social media posts? Need inspiration?

We provide you with a content strategy: you learn how to plan, create & write topics ahead + automate.

Time savings assured!

Results and Revenue

After taking the online education and training courses according to the STAR Method:

  • Ranking higher in Google
  • More visibility
  • Be in the Spotlight
  • Can you do everything yourself
  • Profit in time and cents
  • More paying customers

So more sales or revenue!

Training seo & copywriting at your service!

Dive into the modules with...

On page seo, off page seo, internal links and external link building. You will learn this in combination with text.

You will learn about keywords + research and why they are so important. Short tail and long tail keywords.

What do you need to know about your clients' competitors and then how do you rework keywords.

How often should you implement keywords + where should they be. Keyword density you will also learn.

Keywords, hashtags, what to post, when to post + where to put keywords. Basics

LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram business pages + profile professional setting + technical tools to automate social media. Basics!

You will learn what meta descriptions are and you will learn how to write them. In the videos, I explain it through Rank Math Pro for WordPress websites. The tutorial applies to all systems.

What are Alt Tags, why are they important + How to apply them.

Femke Vanhoutte at your service

Who am I? More importantly, why take my course?

As a Dutch-English teacher for years, I taught cool adolescents in the Netherlands and Belgium. Yes, it is also hilarious when I walked into a Dutch classroom and said, "Welcome to the Flemish course!" The shocked faces paid off. I taught them "shakosh" and "chauffage"...Flemish is native there. 😉 

As copywriter and lyricist I have been writing for entrepreneurs and SMEs for some time.  Writing? Check! Because I really wanted to do business online and make my own company visible online, I took a lot of courses and training on seo. Yes! I like this. 

Search Engine Optimization Apply in text has so many advantages. It became something of a challenge to combine the soft side of storytelling with the cold side of seo. I think I managed to combine both. That is why I teach these courses and why I am so keen to share my expertise! With you 💜


Any questions?

Yes! Because the modules are completely aligned so that you learn everything you need to get started independently!

You certainly can. Just know that you need to have some basic knowledge about social media and Google. You won't get a specific explanation in the course about what exactly social media is and what a search engine like Google means. You do learn about what is important and how to apply it.

  • Every class moment you can ask questions.
  • Lesson times 1x per week with 2 additional contact moments.
  • Ask questions via Messenger on agreed days and times.
  • Lesson duration: about 75 minutes.
  • certificate
  • Free access to the learning environment.

For the seo & copywriting course, it is useful if you have basic general knowledge of social media, Google and websites. It is also nice if your computer skills are reasonably up-to-date.


Get in touch and we will discuss the possibilities.

If you are yet to start fully, I think it is better that you go into entrepreneurship first. After that, if you are ready for the next step , the next level, you will definitely be ready for this course. 

After payment, we can start immediately. We agree in advance on the 8 teaching moments by choosing a fixed day and time. There are 2 extra contact moments. 

If you really can't make it during a certain lesson time, you may move it to another day/time a maximum of twice.


Training seo & copywriting: It is useful if you purchase software for keyword research. In the training I give some options that you then have to buy yourself. The free versions of this software are too inadequate. This will be an investment you will have to make over time. 

Tik Tok Manual

Would you also like to start with TikTok?

Tik Tok, it is impossible to imagine the social media world without it.

Half the planet is on Tik Tok. It is the new medium for young people under 25. Indeed, more and more entrepreneurs, businesses and self-employed people are seeing the value of Tik Tok for business visibility. Advertising on Tik Tok is becoming increasingly popular. 

But how do you start Tik Tok? How to create a business account and most importantly, do you have to post dances? No! Of course you don't. 

Short dance videos are already passé, yes really. You can do so much more with Tik Tok.  

How can you use Tik Tok for your business?

So you will learn that in this guide. 

We got your back!