STAR Workshop Google Search Console

Why is Google Search Console important?

Take the workshop and you will learn.

Google Search Console workshop

  • Why is Google Search Console important?
  • What can you do with it?
  • What data can you extract?
  • How about that indexing?


  • Google Search Console must already be linked to your website!
  • So we will NOT link this tool but we will explain it.
  • Make sure you can get into Google Search Console during the workshop.

STAR Workshop Google Search Console

for only


Will you join us in a live workshop where we explain how to use Google Search Console for your business!


Why a STAR Workshop on Google Search Console?

We believe that everyone, indeed every entrepreneur, should be able to be visible online.

  • How can you get your web pages indexed by Google?
  • What data can you get from Google Search Console?
  • Why is that so important for your business?
  • Learning to look at problems with your website.
  • Learning how to solve those possible problems.
  • General explanation of the tool.
  • Working together during the workshop

Saturday, 8 October 9am

You get a zoom link!


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